We’re so stoked to have San Francisco’s City Girl Rides (aka our new friend and “Wishlist This” guest blogger Christina) doing the NYC thing these days. While we can say with authority (i.e. we follow her blog and tweets) that she’s adjusting to her first East Coast Winter just swell, it sounds like she’s already counting the days to 2014’s big thaw, and with good reason — Check out her fab picks for the gifting season…


While the snow is falling, I’m dreaming and making wishes about summer cycling (wind in hair, sun on shoulders, you know the drill). Ahh, sometimes it just takes that extra bit of motivation in the form of super-cute bike accessories to imagine how amazing it will be while you ring your bell down the street. But for now, I’m making wishes for the cutest bicycle accessories to gear my ride with.

Since the holidays are nearing, it’s time to start asking Santa for all those cute bike accessories that you’re dying to cruise around when blushing spring comes. Whether your want to give your wheels some TLC with a mini makeover in the form of a classy basket, charming bell, or some smooth leather grips, write to Santa for make your city journey more enjoyable with these totally chic bicycle accessories.

So, remember to be nice. And if you’re looking for something for that adorable special somebody who loves bicycles, well, I got you covered:

City Girl Rides, Wishlist This

1. Dalman Supply Co. Natural Rope Lock 2. Eva Solo Thermal Water Bottle 3. Yakkay Paris Blue Check Helmet 4. Alite’s Bike To Beach Bag 5. Gold Striped Pattern Bike Bell by Poketo 6. Nantucket Lightship Classic Bike Basket 7. Bookman Ghost White Lights 8. Ralph Lauren Woolcashmere Gloves 9. Leather Bicycle Grips


For more from Christina, check out City Girl Rides  |  And check out our wishlist picks for her!


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