Recap: National Bike Month Kickoff Party

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Bike Month Kickoff Party at PencilWorks coworking space

Well, folks, our first-ever National Bike Month celebration went off without a hitch last Tuesday! The food & drinks were delish–food from Lorimer Market, beer graciously donated by Sixpoint–and the presentation by Transportation Alternatives‘s Deputy Director, Caroline Samponaro, was stellar. Check out the event below–and if you wanna get in on the fun, there’s still time to join us for tonight’s Bike Riding IRL: Real Talk with Real NY Riders panel. RSVP here!

TaskRabbit helper Mirirai getting ready for our Bike Month Kickoff Party. Easel by ImageKrafters.

Our awesome easels were designed by Carl, our graphics guy (shoutout to Fulton Bikes for turning us on to him), and printed by New York’s own ImageKrafters (shoutout to Jaime at PencilWorks for the recommendation). This was also our first experience with TaskRabbit, and both our Taskers were great. (Mirarai is pictured here, getting prepared.)

Ryan Zagata, president of Brooklyn Bicycle Co., with Maria Boustead of Po Campo bags at 5-3-16's National Bike Month Kickoff Party.

We met lots of great folks–some we knew, like Maria of Po Campo bags, pictured above, who contributed a great bag to our giveaway–and some we didn’t, like this mom and her little one below…

Ryan Zagata, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. president, at 5-3-16's Bike Month Kickoff Party chatting with a bike-friendly mom and her little one.

…and this whole crowd of happy folks.

Group shot from Brooklyn Bicycle Co.'s Bike Month Kickoff Party

We also really appreciate the support of local folks like Brianna of Insta-based travel guide With the Locals and Katie Quinn, youtube foodie extraordinaire, both pictured below…

Brianna Wilson of With the Locals and Katie Quinn, YouTube foodie, at Brooklyn Bicycle Co.'s Bike Month Kickoff Party

…and Adam Benedetto, pictured here, brains (and inimitable tour guide) behind Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours, NYC’s newest bike tour group. (Adam contributed two tours to our giveaway! Many thanks.)

Adam Benedetto of Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours with his girlfriend at Brooklyn Bicycle Company's Bike Month Kickoff Party

After some relaxed mingling on everyone’s part, Transportation Alternatives‘s Deputy Director Caroline Samponaro (pictured below with Brooklyn Bicycle Co. president Ryan Zagata) gave a great presentation about the “Myths & Legends” that surround biking in NYC.

Ryan Zagata, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. president, and Caroline Samponaro, Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director, at 5-3-16's National Bike Month Kickoff Party

Myths include the biggie–that biking is dangerous, during which segment we learned it’s safer to bike in this city than it is to walk–plus well-known bike lane myths, such as that they increase traffic congestion (data shows they relieve it), are bad for business (studies show they’re actually good for business), and take up too much space (since bikes take up way less space than cars, really the argument should be made that cars are the ones taking up too much space).

Legendary bike activist Jane Jacobs 100th Birthday Google Doodle

Legends featured legendary bike activists, including Jane Jacobs, whose 100th birthday was honored by the above Google Doodle only a day after our party.

Transportation Alternatives's post-presentation discussion at Brooklyn Bicycle's Bike Month Kickoff Party

Caroline’s presentation, together with great audience questions, incited a lively discussion, and we all learned things, shared concerns, and got to know new people.

Then we rounded up our guests for some photobooth fun…

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. photobooth montage from their National Bike Month Kickoff Party ft. Sam Zakrzewski, Emily Rose Prats, and Andrew Tallarita; Zac Paull and Mirirai Sithole; and Maria Boustead of Po Campo

…and closed things out with an awesome giveaway.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co's National Bike Month Kickoff Giveaways

Huge thanks to our sponsors: Inkwell Helmets, Levi’s Commuter, Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours, Pivotte, and Po Campo. Our guests loved their loot!

Like what you see? Join us again tonight for Bike Riding IRL: Real Talk from Real NY Riders, a bike panel composed of inspirational riders from different walks of life. Free food and drinks, giveaways, and a fun photobooth are on the agenda. RSVP here!


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