Bike Riding IRL: Rachel Bouton

Rachel Bouton moderates our second National Bike Month event: Bike Riding IRL

With National Bike Month coming up in May, we’re hosting two great events to get more New Yorkers riding! The first is a Bike Month Kickoff Party in association with Transportation Alternatives, whose executive director, Paul Steely White, will join us to quash those pesky bike myths that keep folks from riding. If you wanna join us for that, RSVP here! Our second event, Bike Riding IRL, brings together four New York riders who want to share what it’s really like to bike in the city–and their discussion is moderated by funny lady Rachel Bouton.

Rachel has studied improv, comedy writing, and storytelling at famed comedy institutions Second City (Chicago) and Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC), and she’s recently put her skills to use in the professional world via PowerSuit Improva women’s training program she founded that uses improv to build workplace communication skills.

Rachel Bouton, National Bike Month panelist for Bike Riding IRL, with her own bike, Gloria

But why is Rachel Bouton moderating Bike Riding IRL, our National Bike Month panel? Because Gloria. Gloria is the bike Rachel’s friends gifted her this past Christmas after Rachel’s own bike was stolen. The bike is named after Gloria Steinem because, in Rachel’s words, “she is beautiful, she liberates me, and she exists because of my wonderful community.” The story of this bike–how it brought Rachel’s community closer–and Rachel’s own efforts to create community and empower people through storytelling do just what we seek to do as a company: strengthen communities. We’re proud to have an entrepreneur and regular bike commuter like Rachel moderating our first-ever National Bike Month panel.

Come meet Rachel Bouton and all the panelists she’ll be engaging at our Bike Riding IRL panel, happening Tuesday, May 10th from 6:30 to 8:30. All who RSVP are entered to win a Brooklyn Bicycle–plus, we’ll have FREE food and drinks; great giveaways from folks like Levi’s Commuter, Pivotte, Inkwell Helmets, and more; and an awesome photobooth! See you there.

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