Collaboration: Deserted in Urban x Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Deserted in Urban's Antonio with his Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs - See the full album on facebook

  Here at Brooklyn Bicycle Co., we work hard to engage with and to strengthen the bike community both in Brooklyn and all over North America. But creating a successful product takes engagement with more than just your own industry. We meet with everyone from industrial designers … Continued

Recap: Bike Riding IRL

Black Girls Do Bike contingency at our National Bike Month Bike Riding IRL panel

Our second-ever National Bike Month event–Bike Riding IRL, a panel of New York riders from different walks of life sharing their NYC biking experiences–was a smashing success, thanks to all who came, all who sponsored, all who helped us get … Continued


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Recap: National Bike Month Kickoff Party

Ryan Zagata, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. president, and Caroline Samponaro, Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director, at 5-3-16's National Bike Month Kickoff Party

Well, folks, our first-ever National Bike Month celebration went off without a hitch last Tuesday! The food & drinks were delish–food from Lorimer Market, beer graciously donated by Sixpoint–and the presentation by Transportation Alternatives‘s Deputy Director, Caroline Samponaro, was stellar. Check out the … Continued

Bike Riding IRL: Jeffrey Moser

Jeffrey Moser, one of our National BIke Month panelists for our Bike Riding IRL event

It might not feel like it in Brooklyn right now, but May is just around the corner–and if you’ve been following along this past month, you know May is National Bike Month. To celebrate, we’re hosting two great events: The first is … Continued

Bike Riding IRL: Rachel Bouton

Rachel Bouton moderates our second National Bike Month event: Bike Riding IRL

With National Bike Month coming up in May, we’re hosting two great events to get more New Yorkers riding! The first is a Bike Month Kickoff Party in association with Transportation Alternatives, whose executive director, Paul Steely White, will join us to … Continued

Bike Riding IRL: Countri Bike Talks City Biking for National Bike Month

Jeffrey Tanenhaus, a.k.a. Countri Bike talks about his riding experiences at our Bike Riding IRL panel discussion

If you’ve been reading our blog (and you have, of course), you know that we’ve got two free National Bike Month events happening soon, and that the second, Bike Riding IRL, happens Tuesday, May 10th, and brings together four New Yorkers … Continued

Bike Riding IRL: Courtney Williams

National Bike Month: Bike Riding IRL guest Courtney Williams of Black Girls Do Bike

May (as we might have mentioned) is National Bike Month, so we’ve rounded up four New Yorkers who want to talk to us about what it’s really like to ride a bike in New York City—and one of them is Courtney … Continued

Bike Riding IRL: George Hahn

Bike Riding IRL: George Hahn

This National Bike Month, we’re bringing together four New Yorkers to talk about their experiences riding bikes in New York City–and one of those four folks is George Hahn. Born in Cleveland, but a New York City denizen for over 20 years … Continued

Bike Riding IRL: Real Talk from Real New York Riders

Bike Riding IRL: Real Talk from Real New York Riders

Ladies and gentlemen, we promised you a slate of events for National Bike Month–and we’re delivering!  Earlier this month, we announced our May 3rd Bike Month Kickoff Party in partnership with Transportation Alternatives, who’ll be busting the bike myths that keep people … Continued

Why National Bike Month Matters

National Bike Month with Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

We’ve been asking around, lately, and lots of people outside the bike industry–even people who ride regularly–aren’t aware that here in the US, May is National Bike Month…or even that there IS a Bike Month, period.  But there certainly is–and, … Continued

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