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Deserted in Urban shoots Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs for our latest collaboration

Here at Brooklyn Bicycle Co., we work hard to engage with and to strengthen the bike community both in Brooklyn and all over North America. But creating a successful product takes engagement with more than just your own industry. We meet with everyone from industrial designers to branding specialists to content creators–and just last week we sat down with Deserted in Urban‘s Antonio, the photographer, stylist, and all-around creative behind our latest collaboration. Check out what we learned, why you might want to follow Antonio’s work, and where to find the full collab.

We interview Deserted in Urban for our latest collaboration

Antonio of Deserted in Urban stopping by the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. office to discuss our collaboration

BKBCo: You’re based out of DC. What are you doing here in NYC?

DiU: I’m actually here on vacation. I just really needed a change of scenery, needed to get out of DC. I’m here to decompress—doing a couple shoots, but mostly reading, taking notes.

BKBCo: You’ve spent your life between DC and New York. Are you thinking of moving back to NYC?

DiU: I’d love to move back; here’s where I get the most inspiration. But for right now, I need to really solidify things in DC before I can even think about picking up and moving.

Deserted in Urban's Antonio with his Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs - See the full collaboration on facebook

BKBCo: What projects are you working on in DC?

DiU: In addition to my own work as Deserted in Urban, some friends and I are actually launching a new creative team in DC in November, so I’m focusing on that right now. Our vision is to bring urban and suburban together because the suburban areas aren’t necessarily in touch with what’s going on in the city. And to be honest DC as a whole isn’t always in touch with broader trends—new brands, new products, innovation. We want to change that.

BKBCo: So essentially you want to offer brand consulting?

DiU: Yes, but more than that. Ultimately, the dream is to have a space—part workspace, part retail outlet, part showroom—where creative people can come together. We really want to have a space where people can learn, minds can meet and interact. An environment that fosters collaboration. It’s crazy how big the world is, but how small it is at the same time.

Antonio of Deserted in Urban on his Brooklyn Bicycle Co. bike - Check out the full collaboration on facebook

BKBCo: When you say you’d like it to be part retail space—and you mentioned earlier you were into fashion design—would you be designing a line as part of that space?

DiU: I did some design for a while—I designed this hat I’m wearing and these jeans—and my buddies are forcing me to do shirts and hats for our launch, but once you get into that field, you really have to dedicate yourself and know everything there is to know. And…well, I’d rather come up with the ideas and let somebody else do the rest of the work.

BKBCo: You’re a visual merchandiser; a photographer; you’re into fashion and design; you’d like to transition to styling; and you’re starting a creative agency. How did you come to be so accomplished so young?

DiU: Dancer—you forgot dancer. I was on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 on the Krump team. But I come from a military family, and my sister—who’s a nurse—and I are the only ones of my siblings who didn’t follow in my dad’s footsteps. I thought about it for a time because the tradition was so strong, but my family instead encouraged me to follow my artistic dreams. So I figure I have to do something great.

Deserted in Urban x Brooklyn Bicycle Co. collaboration announcement

Deserted in Urban interviews us about future projects

DiU: Now I’ve got a question for you guys. Did you get into the bike industry to create new bike designs?

BKBCo: The interesting thing about bikes is that they’re not just a style accessory, they’re a functional machine, a vehicle that has to ride properly before it does anything else. So we put a lot of time into the geometry and functionality during our inception, and now we’ve pretty much found where we want to be. For us, much of the design process now has to do with colorways.

DiU: I can’t wait to debut our collaboration, and I’m wondering–do you already have a follow-up project in the works?

BKBCo: We do, actually! We’re partnering with a designer here in Brooklyn to create a custom color for her to style. She’s also helping us create some new branding elements to test throughout our collaboration. And if the first installment goes well, there may be a larger and even more exciting fashion collaboration to come…but we can’t reveal too much.

Huge thanks to Antonio of Deserted in Urban for his time and for shooting our bikes. Check out all the photos from the collaboration in our Facebook album, and stay tuned for our next project!

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