A Little Bit of Brooklyn All Over America (and Beyond!)

Recently, over the course of just seven days, we saw city bike riders from every corner of the United States–and some in Canada & Mexico, too!–posting pictures of themselves exploring their communities on Brooklyn Bicycles.  We’re incredibly proud and honored to see a company born right here in Brooklyn improving the lives of people in places we’ve never even been, and we’d like to share all the great places people are going by bike–and how a Brooklyn Bicycle can go far beyond Brooklyn.

There are Brooklyn Bicycles in…


@bitchcakes (Sheryl Yvette) and her pink Brooklyn Bicycle Co. city bike

Starting right here in our own neighborhood, @bitchcakes (known IRL as Sheryl Yvette) of Greenpoint posted this badass photo taken by @paneburro (known IRL as Matteo de Mayda).  Yes, her pink bicycle does match her pink corset–and that lil streak of pink hair.


@itsjeankim Brooklyn Bicycle Company along Boston's Minuteman Bikeway

This beautiful shot was taken in the Boston area, along the Minuteman Bikeway by @itsjeankim. Those wide open spaces are right out of a Dixie Chicks number–though, in this instance, more like a Yankee Chicks number.


brooklyn bicycle

Detroit might be called Motor City–and the shot below was even taken by @motorcitymangia–but as these two pics illustrate, it’s also pretty great for city bikes.  We’re not sure how many times @marinapiagoldi made bae ride back & forth in front of the above mural to get this shot, but it was totally worth it.

@motorcitymangia captures a Brooklyn Bicycle Company Franklin in Detroit



@localhubbc gets a shot of a Brooklyn Bicycle as a Dallas farmers market

There are lots of wonderful bike shops throughout North America carrying our city bikes, and one of them is the community-oriented Local Hub Bicycle Co., who took this great photo of a Brooklyn Bicycle at a Dallas farmers’ market.  (Side note: everyone is welcome to send us peaches.)



@kdunmyre rides her Brooklyn Bike through Phoenix

Instagrammer @kdunmyre and her husband have tons of fun on their city bikes, and here’s yet another beautiful shot from their adventures in Phoenix.


@madaraneko1122's orange Brooklyn Bicycle Driggs from @velotrap

Velo Trap is a new bike shop in Sacramento–and this pic is the start of a beautiful friendship between the two of us.  The bike’s name is Pegasus, and it had just been purchased by @madaraneko1122, who’s keeping us updated on all of Pegasus’s adventures via instagram.

And even a Brooklyn Bicycle or two in…


@sengsuriya' Brooklyn Bicycle in Vancouver, next to a @godzilya mural

Yep, that’s a giraffe mural (by @godzilya–see his website here) and a bicycle all in one gorgeous shot, thanks to @sengsuriya.

…and in La Paz, Mexico!

@romanalilic & her Brooklyn Bike dwarfed by cactus in La Paz, Mexico

Thought we’d end with this gorgeous pic from @romanalilic to hold you over until spring…which isn’t too far away!

So you see: City bikes are great whether you live somewhere cold, somewhere hot, somewhere urban, or somewhere not–and if you look closely, there’s probably a Brooklyn Bicycle roaming around your city, leading the way to delightfully instagrammable adventures.

Want to share your own Brooklyn Bicycle adventures? Tag us on instagram, tweet at us, or leave us a comment below!


Scott P. Girvan

March 9, 2016

When I’m back home on Cape Cod, Mass. I’ll take a pic beach-side! Unfortunately, I’m only in boring old New York right now.

Emily Rose

March 16, 2016

Hey–New York’s not boring! When you stop by in Brooklyn, you can take some cool photos here. Greenpoint has awesome graffiti. (But we’d love to see photos from Cape Cod, too!)

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