Spotlight on Streetsblog: Making City Streets Safer

Streets Ball 2015 Silent Aution Item Ivory City Bike

The Franklin single speed we donated for Streets Ball 2015, complete with “I Bike NY” t-shirt from Bicycle Habitat.

Last week, in collaboration with local bike shop Bicycle Habitat, we donated a bike to be auctioned off at this year’s Streets Ball, the annual fundraising gala of safe-streets organization Streetsblog.

John and Morgan photographed during bike pick-up

John Langan, Director of Development at Streetsblog, with Morgan Paradis, Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s Director of Operations

We’ve donated to a couple of organizations before–Transportation Alternatives and Bike and Brain, to name two recent partners–but have never had the chance to be a part of a fundraising event where we could meet such a diverse group of activists, learn a good deal about the safe-streets efforts here in New York, and have a great time!  And if we haven’t, lots of others probably haven’t, either, so we thought we’d share all the cool stuff we learned…

What is Streetsblog?

Speakers address the Streets Ball 2015 crowd

Ben Fried, EIC of Streetsblog, and Clarence Eckerson, Jr., Director of Street Films, address the crowd

According to their website, they’re “a daily news source connecting people to information about sustainable transportation and livable communities.”  By covering the safe-streets movement–which includes improvements to street design, public transit, bike infrastructure, and more–Streetsblog actually strengthens, amplifies, and drives the movement.  They nationwide network and all of its local branches are produced by the non-profit OpenPlans, and sustained by grants, sponsorships, donations, and advertising.

How Can People Get Involved?

Emily Rose Prats of Brooklyn Bicycle Company, John of Streetsblog, and Dave of Bicycle Habitat pose during Streets Ball 2015

Emily Rose Prats, in charge of marketing at Brooklyn Bicycle, John Langan, Development Director for Streetsblog, and Dave Vollbach of Bicycle Habitat pose during Streets Ball 2015

Follow them! Streetsblog sheds light on what’s working, what’s not, and everything in between, so sign up for their daily email digest, which will include information about ongoing projects, how elected officials are voting, newly discovered problem areas, and wins.  The organization also shares their content on social media, so you can stay in the know by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

A snapshot of the Streets Ball 2015 program, showcasing event sponsors

A snapshot of the Streets Ball 2015 sponsors. There are many supporters throughout the year–and you can be one!

Donate! Help this great organization do more reporting, rallying, etc. by giving them your money! Safe city infrastructure is something we all need and from which we all benefit, so instead of giving your dad another pair of socks for the holidays, consider making a donation in his name! There are also occasionally fundraisers–Streets Ball, for example, is an annual gala–and giving to the silent auction is a great way to support them. The same goes for buying a ticket–except that your ticket will also get you into a room full of positive people doing great things!  Win-win.

Big thanks to the folks at Bicycle Habitat (voted the country’s best urban/lifestyle shop of 2015!) for offering us this opportunity, and of course to Streetsblog for inviting us to participate and for opening our eyes to all the people doing great work for the safe-streets movement.

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