5 Unique Style Blogs from City Bike Riders We Love

Every now and then one of our city bike riders turns out to have a blog, and not just any blog, but a unique style blog that’s charming and inspirational–and, from time to time, features their bike! We couldn’t keep these cool cats to ourselves one more minute, so check out the style these ladies are rockin’, and steal some of their looks for yourselves!

Rach Martino

City bike rider Rach Martino and her Columbia Blue Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow

There’s lots to love about Rachel, but our favorite is that she’s our neighbor! She’s a world traveler–fluent in French!–but she still comes home to Greenpoint, Brooklyn and shoots in parks, frequents coffee shops, and rides routes we know like the backs of our hands. Rachel rides lots of different kinds of bikes: she’s a city bike rider–pictured here with our Columbia Blue Willow 3–but she also has sportier bikes for training because while she’s mostly easy glamour, she still knows how to work up a sweat. Ogle her outfits and dream about her adventures over on her blog or Instagram account.

Art In the Find

Art in the Find, unique style blog, featuring a Tangerine Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs

Conni’s family gifted her a Tangerine Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs and transformed her into the city bike rider she is today. The bike’s name is Poppy Pedaller, and she even has her own hashtag. (Search #poppypedaller on instagram to find her!) In addition to photos of her bike, Conni’s unique style blog includes wardrobe recommendations, mini travel guides, DIY projects, and much more. She’s all about colorful style with a twist, so head on over to the Art in the Find blog or Instagram for vibrant pick-me-ups and personal style inspiration.

What Emily Said

What Emily Said, unique style blog, featuring Emily's Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs in Denim Blue

This unique style blog, the brainchild of Emily Hayward, is an ode to easygoing, budget-friendly fashion. We love to see how Emily complements her diamond-frame Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs, often described as a “men’s bike,” with fluid, feminine style. (After all, the only thing that determines whether a bike is a “men’s” or “women’s” bike is the gender of the person riding it.) What Emily Said is all about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and includes simple DIY projects and tasty recipes, so meander on over to her blog or Instagram account for some delightful surprises.


Romana Lilic of unique style blog LA76 with her Ivory Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

LA76 is a design and travel blog, unique in that it’s less concerned with hopping on trends and more with finding what truly inspires its founding team. One half of that team is Romana Lilic, “a Slovenian in Mexico,” bringing a unique international perspective to LA76’s work. LA76’s guide to biking La Paz, Mexico–in which Romana and her husband cruised on matching Brooklyn Bicycle Co. models around the closest place to paradise we’ve ever seen–is still one of our favorite ever blog posts. Check out Romana’s Instagram for architecture and design inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, and hit up the LA76 blog for more photographs and adventures.

Dreamy Whites

Dreamy Whites, unique style blog, featuring a Columbia Blue Brooklyn Bicycle Willow

Country living with a European twist, Dreamy Whites is all about French farmhouse-inspired decor–and they’ve got an online shop to help you outfit your home. Whether the shop or the blog came first, we don’t know, but we do know the vintage decor, DIY upcycling projects, and comforting recipes make for a unique style blog if ever we saw one. A few years back, the folks at Dreamy Whites got their hands on a charming Columbia Blue Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow, and they couldn’t have made a better choice. The bike looks right at home rolling through beautiful country meadows, and when not in use, it makes for the perfect home decor. Stroll on over to the Dreamy Whites blog or Instagram account, and you’ll be envisioning a total home makeover by the time you leave.

No matter your vibe, there’s a unique style blog here for you–brought to you, of course, by our amazing city bike riders! Know any other bike-riding style bloggers we should be following? Leave us a comment below, or tweet at us!

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